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UPDATE: Miraculous reunion between family and lost dog shortlived

(UPDATE: 2:05 p.m.) - Sometimes when things seem too good to be true, it's because they are.

A miraculous story about a Saskatchewan dog that made its way home from nearly 500 kilometres away over 15 months ago was originally reported by CTV Regina.

When CTV filed that story with Canadian Press, newsrooms across the country were able to share the heartwarming tale with their readers, viewers or listeners.

Sadly, that got the attention of a woman who had recently lost her dog Bella, also a Kuvasz, close to where "Georgia" was found.

That woman and Brennan Duncan met on Wednesday and Duncan says the dog immediately recognized her owner and perked up, proving to him that it was Bella and not Georgia.

“We are sad today but happy that Bella found her original owner,” Duncan told CTV Regina. “In a way, it was like we got to spend one last day with [Georgia].”

While many will be sad that the Homeward Bound-like tale turned out to be false, at least one owner was reunited with her dog today.

With files from CTV Regina and the Canadian Press.

(Original story: 6:30 a.m.) - She’s certainly worse for wear after her 14 month ordeal, but Georgia has been reunited with her family and is expected to make a full recovery.

The dog bolted from Brennan Duncan’s in-law’s farm near St. Walburg in July 2017 when she was spooked by a thunderstorm.

After searching for the big, white Kuvasz, the Duncans were forced to return home to Moose Jaw, nearly 500 kilometres away.

<who>Photo Credit: Google Maps

The family had surely given up hope after 15 months, but on Sunday, the unthinkable happened.

A woman near Moose Jaw found the exhausted dog outside her door, much worse for wear, and she’s now been returned home.

Georgia is showing signs of starvation, has a tumour on her tail, a bit of arthritis in her hips and some sores around her eyes, but a vet says she should make a full recovery.

Duncan acknowledged the dog’s significant weight loss, but said she’s been eating hamburger and rice, drinking water and sleeping since the emotional reunion.

"I reached out and she just melted in my hands," he said Tuesday. "She just laid on me and just put her head on me and has been pawing me. She just has that dog smile."

<who>Photo Credit: Canadian Press.

The Kuvasz is an ancient breed of dog from Europe, bred for guarding livestock and known for being intelligent, independent and intensely loyal.

Georgia certainly put all of those traits on display during her 15-month, 500 km trek home to Moose Jaw.

Duncan said he can’t believe the beloved pet he purchased seven years ago, right after he got married, somehow survived and made it home, but he’s sure that was Georgia’s intent.

"She was definitely coming home," he said. "She was walking toward Moose Jaw."

With files from the Canadian Press.

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