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CNC's new greenhouse holds bright future for the north

The College of New Caledonia's Culinary Art's Program has purchased a portable greenhouse for students to use.

Ronald Christian, professor for the Culinary Art's Program, has already started growing four types of micro greens.

<who>Photo Credit: CNC</who>

This 38 inches wide and 48 inches long greenhouse is heated with hot water.

“We basically run pipes through our beds and it heats everything,” says Christian. “You could also use electricity or solar.”

<who>Photo Credit: Ronald Christian</who>

According to Christian, the pipes run through the bottom of the greenhouse. Soil is then placed on top to create a consistently warm earth.

<who>Photo Credit: Ronald Christian</who>

Christian says that he is able to grow his microgreens within nine days of planting.

“Soil is a great fertilizer. Once the soil is warm it germinates quickly, which means you’re growing quickly,” says Christian.

All produce from the greenhouse is 100% organic and free of chemicals.

<who>Photo Credit: CNC</who>

The goal is to use this small-scale greenhouse as a learning tool for the program. They will also use all items grown for their own consumption.

Christian is very passionate about his work and hopes this new addition will inspire others to try and become self-sustainable.

He raises the question regarding what the city would do if all ties were cut off due to a natural disaster.

“People have to see what they can do with this product. You can use it for your own little garden all year round,” says Christian.

“It allows the North to be a little more self-sustaining.”

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