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5 things you need to know this morning: Feb. 7, 2023

Start your day off right with five things you need to know this morning.

Five things you need to know

1. Cold weather hampering rescue efforts in Turkey and Syria

The death toll from Monday’s catastrophic earthquake and aftershocks in Turkey and Syria is up over 5,200. Thousands of buildings collapsed and rescue workers continue to comb the rubble for potential survivors, but freezing weather conditions are complicating that process and further endangering survivors.

2. St. Andrews quickly reverses course on stonework after public outrage

Public outrage has led to a quick decision by St. Andrews to reverse recent stonework leading into the Swilcan Bridge. The extended path was added in front of the iconic Swilcan Bridge in an effort to protect the grass in the area from too much foot traffic. However, golfers from around the world voiced their displeasure with the final product and the Old Course has confirmed it will try to find another solution.

3. Thieves break into restaurant, cut through wall to get into jewelry store

Bold thieves who may have recently watched Ocean’s Eleven executed a daring heist over the weekend. They broke into an Ottawa barbecue restaurant, but they weren’t after anything there. Instead, they cut a giant hole in the wall of the restaurant to access the neighbouring jewelry store. Both businesses suffered significant property damage.

4. Woman found alive at funeral home after being pronounced dead hours earlier

An elderly woman seemingly skirted death this weekend, as she was discovered to be alive at a New York funeral home after being declared dead hours earlier. The 82-year-old was pronounced dead at the Water’s Edge Rehab and Nursing Center at 11:15 am, then taken to OB Davis Funeral Home at 1:30 pm. Just 49 minutes after that, the woman was found breathing and taken to hospital. An investigation is ongoing and the authorities have yet to comment.

5. Nova Scotian man finds possible historic Killick anchor on beach

John Benoit has been beachcombing for more than half a century, but he says his most recent discovery is by far his most memorable. He was walking on Cape St. Mary’s beach in western Nova Scotia when he dug out what he believes to be a historic Killick anchor. It’s made entirely of wood, with no metal parts, and stands nearly four feet high and two feet across.

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