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Authorities in Mexico found a Bengal tiger cub in the mail

The Federal Police of Mexico shared photos of an odd find at a postal centre in Jalisco, Mexico this week.

Officers conducted an inspection of the package, which appeared to have “atypical” content.

<who>Photo Credit: Federal Police of Mexico</who> The two-month-old Bengal tiger found in a postal centre in Mexico.

According to the police, a Bengal tiger cub was found in a plastic blue container after being sniffed out by a service dog.

Police said that the cub was sent by parcel illegally and under inadequate conditions for the poor animal. The cub had been sedated and mailed by suspected animal traffickers.

Photos show a service dog sniffing out the unusual package and the discovery of the two-month-old tiger cub laying in some paper shreddings inside the container.

According to the Mexican police, Bengal tigers are an endangered species due to illegal hunting for the acquisition of their skin.

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