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BC boy finds syringe and glue in board game bought at Value Village

It’s the last thing a six-year-old and his two friends expected to find when they opened up the box to their newly acquired game of Mouse Trap.

The game had just been purchased from a Value Village thrift shop in Pitt Meadows and when the boys opened it up, they found a syringe and toxic glue.

<who>Photo Credit: Google Maps</who>Value Village in Pitt Meadows

Mitch Selman said his son Angus recognized the danger as soon as he pulled the cap off the syringe, so he put it back on and took it to his mother, Paula McMurray.

McMurray is a nursing student, so she examined the kids carefully and determined quickly that none had been harmed.

Although Selman understands that parents should check second-hand toys and games before their kids get into them, he says it was irresponsible for Value Village to do its own inspection.

<who>Photo Credit: Canadian Press

"You expect maybe there’s going to be some pieces missing, but you don’t expect two tubes of sniffing glue and a hypodermic needle,” said Selman.

“How that would have gotten through any kind of screening process is beyond me. The products they put on their shelves need to be safe, period.”

Value Village didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

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