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VIDEO: Kelowna man records phone conversation with scammer claiming to be CRA

Many people have learned the hard way when it comes to scams, often losing thousands of dollars as a result.

Scammers are known to call with various different stories, one of the more recent having to do with paying taxes with Bitcoin. Scammers often claim to be working with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), prompting the RCMP to issue warnings to the public about numerous scams that are making their way around.

Phillip Putlitz says he received two of this kind of call from someone claiming to be the CRA on Friday and decided to “turn the tables."

<who>Photo Credit: File photo</who>

“They called twice, I called 76 times,” Putlitz told KelownaNow.

He says he started by asking 15 different callers where some well-known Canadian cities are located and the names of Canadian premiers. His last call, however, took an interesting turn.

“I started talking to one guy, out of 15 men and women who were clearly aware of what they were doing, and he let me into some of the world of call scams by pointing out the one caller can make between $20-50,000 [a month]” Putlitz said, adding that he believes this is in Albanian currency ($20,000 equals $231 CDN).

The man begins by telling Putlitz that he didn’t make as much money that day because of his numerous calls. The scammer uses familiar tactics from previous scams, including threatening jail time if the fee isn't paid.

Putlitz continues to ask the scammer various questions about the operation. Watch the video below for a recording of the full call.

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