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Pretty planters and inspiration for your long weekend gardening

May long weekend is like Christmastime for the local greeneries; this is the weekend the last minute gardeners decide they’re going to get all their yard work done.

Trust me, you don’t have to have a green thumb to throw together a few planters for around the yard and as long as you keep them watered (they’re not like a house plant that you only water once the soil is dry) so the soil is always damp you should be good well into September.

Here are some tips and inspirations for your long weekend gardening.


Lots of the big box stores and local greeneries have ready-made hanging baskets and planters, but with a little bit of time and effort you can create a planter that is custom and modern which is sometimes hard to come by (most ready-made planters have to appeal to the masses and are filled with more traditional plants).


When buying the containers the plants will go in, it’s always good to buy in odd numbers (3’s and 5’ are more appealing to the eye). Solid colours like white and grey are a nice contrast with the plants. Black planters if left in direct sunlight will get much hotter quicker, drying out the soil and so be aware they will need more water.


For a modern aesthetic, you’re pretty safe if you stick with basic colours: greens (dark, bright, cool), dark purple and white. Succulents and cacti are pretty drought resistant and look good on their own or in a grouping, but don’t be fooled, they still need water too! If you really want easy and low maintenance tall grasses are easy and usually come back the next year.




Hopefully, these tips inspire you to break out the gardening supplies this weekend!

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Courtney Ungaro is an interior designer living in Kelowna and has been working on both residential & commercial projects around the beautiful Okanagan for over 12 years. She has recently started her own company Courtney Ungaro Space + Design specializing in residential & commercial design as well as creative event styling. If she’s not on a job site or shopping for the perfect piece you can probably find her supporting a locally owned restaurant/brewery/winery with her husband and kids. Follow her projects on Instagram @courtneyungaro_spaceanddesign.

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